Posted by: alliehope | January 17, 2008

Writers’ Blocked!

This morning, I sat after my morning devotional time writing something that I hope will become a worship song. My lines so far:

Maker of all, Maker of me/Creator of all my eyes see

That’s it. I’m now looking up at a massive brick wall with no concept of how to get past it.  But the thing I’ve  realized is that I have to trust what God has placed in me. I believe that as I go through my day, the words I most need to speak to Him will come to me.

I can’t help but wonder, though, if it’s the same way for anyone else. How does writers’ block work? Is it merely psychological, or is it something deeper? Regardless, it speaks to an important point: how committed is the writer to the work she is writing? What is she (or he, in point of fairness), trying to create with her words? These are the questions that writers’ block reveals, questions that demand answers in order for the creative part of the writing process to take full effect.

In other words, good writing has a goal in mind. In my case, my goal is to worship the God who gave me the gifts of creativity, use of language, and a sensitivity to His heart and His Word. God has placed these gifts in me for a reason, one that I still don’t have a full grasp of. But the reason, part of it, is to bring Him the glory. I trust that, and in that, I find the solution to writers’ block: surrender.

I realize that in order for the creative process to really work, I need to, moment by moment, surrender it to Him. I need to live in the moment, and allow Him to speak in and through me, maybe even in spite of me. I can’t cling to my own goals, stubbornly saying, ‘This is what I want, and I won’t take anything less’. That is merely ego talking, and is self-defeating, since the spirit of worship asks me to let  go of my ego, and give my best to God. I know this isn’t easy sometimes, since it calls me to yield my dreams to Him, dreams that I’m just now beginning to understand.

Ultimately, whether this particular writers’ block episode resolves in something beautiful or not, the lesson I’ve gained from it is far more precious. I’ve gained a little bit more patience, and a little more respect for the creative process. I’ve learned that the creative process requires surrender, and through that surrender comes release to worship. Now the challenge: to live that out!



  1. Not bad. Bit too theological for my taste, though. Simply because I’ve often found that one can get so caught in the throes of theology that one gets lost in the thinking and never finds THE LIVING.

  2. That’s true. The difference here is that I’m attempting to do theology from my heart not just from my mind. This was simply a reflection on where I was at the time, and what might have been spoken into me. I firmly believe that in “the living”, God is present, 360 degrees, 24/7. Therefore, to speak of Him being involved in this process, and of the nature of surrender as foundational to the writer’s work, I felt, was only to make an obvious, albeit often overlooked, connection.

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