Posted by: alliehope | March 22, 2008

Good Friday

It’s finally quiet, the snow has stopped falling, and I’ve stopped sneezing long enough to realize what today is: Good Friday. After reading the appropriate passages (Isaiah 53 and Matthew 27), it hit me again: this is the day that changed all of history. And I nearly missed its commemoration this year, too distracted by all the drama of being sick.

That knowledge is enough to make me want to go back to that day 2,000 years ago, and wonder: where would I be in the crowds that surrounded Jesus in His last moments? Would I be like the priests and Pharisees, so distracted by grasping for fleeting political power and popularity that I miss the glory right in front of me? Would I be like Pilate, so distracted by the fact that my job (and my life) were on the line if an insurrection started that I couldn’t stand for what was right, for the life of an innocent man? Would I identify with Peter, so distracted by his denials that I would likely go home with my tail between my legs, unwilling to face my Master as He hung on the Cross?

Sadly, I have been all of these people. I know more than ever, though, that there is mercy and healing available, made available through what Jesus did as He hung on the Cross. I know that as I turn my gaze to Him, all the things I once considered important fall by the wayside as I see Him there, taking the punishment for my sins, the consequences of my willingness to follow the distractions that separate me from God.

And so, on this Good Friday, I pray:

Heavenly Father, I praise you for this day that history has learned to call “good”, for through the terrible suffering of Your Son, You were reconciling the world to Yourself. I thank You for His sacrifice, His willingness to pour out His life unto death for the sins of the world, including mine. Forgive me, Father, for being too distracted, too often, to fully grasp, fully appreciate the magnitude of His selfless love, the love that held Him to the cross. Help me remember Him this weekend more deeply than ever, and love Him more deeply than ever. Amen.


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