Posted by: alliehope | March 24, 2008

The Monday After

It’s a glorious morning as I sit here thinking about the events of yesterday, and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection that happened at Willow Chicago.

Winding the clock back: my day yesterday started at about 4 a.m., waking up and getting ready to go to the Auditorium Theatre for sound-checks and last run-throughs as part of the choir that had been formed for the service. As I went through that morning, the messages of the songs, about how Jesus was crucified and then rose again for us began to penetrate my mind in ways that they often don’t.

It crystalized during the singing of “Worthy is the Lamb”, when I just about lost it–I was crying, but fought to keep it together. As I think back about it now, it was an emotional moment, and the feeling of soaring–of doing something that I have always loved but haven’t had that much of a chance to do recently–was incredible, and that was part of it. I realized as I thought through the service as I walked to the Blue Line that thanks to Christ’s resurrection, we all now have the chance to soar higher than we ever could.

The implications of that are massive. Because He lives, I no longer have to stay captive to the chains of fear and doubt. I can know that the same power that raised Him from the grave is available to me as I seek to be His follower in this troubled world. I know that I can carry that power with me into all my life: my relationships, my work, my service. It’s an amazing reality.

It will take me a while to fully tease out the implications of what happened yesterday. All I know is that I met the Resurrected Christ in a way I never have before, and I know now that He is with me, and goes on ahead of me into the future. Most importantly, it is His power, not anything I could ever do on my own, that will enable me to make a difference in the world around me. This is what enables transformation: the knowledge that since death was defeated, God can do anything, through anyone, even me. Christ is risen indeed!


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