Posted by: alliehope | August 9, 2008

The Morning After (Summit 2)

I find myself thinking about the prayer I prayed on my way home from the bus stop last night, and the verse that has been rattling around in my head ever since: Jeremiah 1:4-10. When I remembered that passage last night, I wept in joy.

I knew in that moment that there was a moment somewhere in eternity past where God loved me enough to breathe me into being for such a time as this. He knew everything about me, knew every good thing (and every stupid thing) I’d ever do, and yet He gave me life. It was an awe-inspiring thought: that this huge, macro-God, whose wisdom goes so far beyond anything I could ever hope to fathom, saw down to the micro-life that was mine. Not only that, but He put a calling on it that is as unique as my DNA: it will never be replicated in exactly the same way in anyone else.

This isn’t to say that I have the slightest clue what the heck to do with my life, because I still don’t. But it does say that no matter where God calls me, I will go, knowing that He knows the path ahead of me far better than I could. It means that I will trust what He has given me, because He has already given me all the tools I need to fulfill the calling He has placed on me. It means that I will journey intimately with Him–even and especially–when I can’t feel Him and don’t understand Him. It means that I am wholly His, and this is a decision I have to make daily. I pray that next year’s Summit finds me closer to God than ever, and even further on the marvelous adventure of following Him.


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