Posted by: alliehope | August 9, 2008

This Much I Know (Leadership Summit 1)

I sit here at 10 pm on Friday night, absolutely stunned by the last couple days, at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit. I learned so much about God and the work He is calling me to do, the “more demanding climb” of following hard after Him (thanks to Gary Haugen, one of the conference’s speakers, for that phrase).

I know this much to be true: that this weekend marked a line in the sand for me, a time when I finally committed myself to the excellence with which God is calling me to love, and to live. I’d been sitting on the fence for quite some time, not surrendering some key issues in my life (namely, my career and vocation, and the move to the city of Chicago–life in the ‘burbs is sucking the life out of me) to Him. I realized, particularly through Craig Groeschel’s session and Bill Hybels’ closing session that if I surrender these things to Him, He won’t take away my dreams (as I thought and was afraid He would), but rather will give them wings of strength that they couldn’t have possibly had on their own.

I realized that when I give a dream to God, even if hard times come, He will make it come true in ways more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I might not ssee the impact of what God is calling me to do in this life, but I know more surely than I know a lot of things that the impact isn’t up to me. It’s my job simply to follow Him, to do the work He is calling me to do, and do it to the best of the abilities He has given me. I will write more on this later; prayer and sleep are calling me now!



  1. Alison,

    I too was completely called for a more demanding climb. I heard some things and felt some signs pointing me in directions I had not considered. I have not been using my God given talents the way I saw Gary Haugen. Do I have the courage to go after it?

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