Posted by: alliehope | October 4, 2008

1,000,000 little reasons

If asked why I blog, I blog for many reasons. To think out loud about issues of spirituality, politics, psychology, sports, popular culture, you name it. I blog to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, in advocating the work of International Justice Mission. I blog to sound out what God might be challenging me to do, and to share what He is speaking into my heart. I blog to encourage, to teach (albeit as a student myself), and to blow off steam.

But tonight, I found a million little reasons to blog: the work of Compassion International. I’ve submitted myself as a Compassion Blogger, realizing that I can use this forum to get their work, and it’s incredibly important work, out there to those who are also looking for an opportunity to enflesh Jesus’ challenge to serve and support “the least of these”.

I am so excited about the work I’m about to undertake. In fact, the “1,000,000 little reasons” is Compassion’s tagline about their blog project. It really brings home the importance of using a forum like this for good, to have an impact on the world, and on the people who most need our help. I pray that what I write in the days ahead will inspire you, my readers, to consider how you can get involved in making what Bono once called “stupid poverty” history, and making a difference in the lives of those most deeply affected: children.


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