Posted by: alliehope | March 22, 2009

Two Hours to Save a Life

Two hours. 120 minutes. 7200 seconds (if my math is right). There’s a lot you could do in two hours: clean your room, buy a new pair of shoes, write a blog post, watch a movie. But what if you could save a life in two hours?

Here’s your chance.

For those of you in the Chicagoland area, I highly encourage you to get involved in a Willow campus’s efforts to pack meals. The goal is huge, but doable. After all, the organization we’ve partnered with is doing phenomenal work, and we can all make a difference.

For those of you outside the Chicago area, check out the organization’s site, and consider donating to help their work. It’s not an inexpensive proposition to buy the supplies and ship them overseas once the meals have been packed. It might not be two hours packing meals, but you will have done something to put even a small dent in the massive crisis of world hunger.

This is even more important when we stop and consider how the global economic downshift has disproportionately affected the world’s poor. I heard at church today that in an economic downturn, the wealthy are inconvenienced, but the poor are crushed. (500 points if you were at Willow Creek this weekend and can tell me who the heck said that!) The quote sticks out in my mind, and calls me to remember that when I’m tempted to think I’ve got it bad, I could just as easily have it a whole lot worse.

So, in my mind, doing a shift of service like this is one way for me to put hands and feet to my gratitude to God for what He’s given me. It’s a way for me to make an impact in one of the most perplexing problems our world faces, and a way to remember Jesus in serving the least of these. And, I will also say this: it’s also pretty cool to be able to say that in two hours, I didn’t help to save one life, but possibly the lives of thousands.


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