Posted by: alliehope | January 11, 2010

Happy New Year, 11 Days Later

So, yeah. It’s several day (11) after new year’s day, and all the good intentions and resolutions I made are pretty much forgotten. I resolved not to be so critical, but within about an hour of clocking in at my job on new year’s day, I said something nasty to a coworker about a rude customer. I resolved not to swear as much, but that was gone within about 20 minutes as I stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed. I could go on. But the point of the matter is that resolutions don’t work.

Heck, I even resolved to write here at least once a week. Well, that obviously didn’t happen, since it’s been quite some time since my last post. I realize now that resolutions really are a way of cluttering up the mind. Resolutions are my way of relying on myself instead of the Holy Spirit to show me what needs changing, what in my life isn’t pleasing to Him. Resolutions tell the world, “I’m competent. I have control over my life. I know what’s wrong, and I know what needs to be done about it”.

But underneath the bravado, there’s an incredible amount of hubris, and that’s why resolutions don’t go deep enough when it comes to lifelong transformation. I find instead that daily cleansing and confession are what strengthen me for the fight, and what lead to real transformation. I have come to understand the battle I fight against myself, and against the “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms“, and how I can’t rely solely on my own strength in order to fight those two battles.

And so, it is in that spirit of seeking that I set out in this second full week of 2010. I know that if I seek God’s face, He will give me the strength to win the two battles I mentioned. So my encouragement to you is that if you’ve failed, go running home to the Father’s arms. He will tenderly wipe the mud and blood from your face, dry the tears from your eyes and set you on the path to righteousness with His strength. There’s no shame in admitting you’ve failed, ever. There is shame, however, in hiding it, and the hiding it doesn’t allow you to move forward into freedom, either. Don’t be afraid of confession, because even though it can be painful, the letting go of the burden is a sweet blessing. The energy you spent carrying it is now marshaled into moving forward, secure in the Father’s love, the Son’s wisdom, and the Spirit’s blessing. Resolving to walk with Them is the best resolution of all, and one worth keeping.

PS: If you lose 20 pounds along the way, that’s bonus!



  1. Happy New Year…18 days late!

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