Posted by: alliehope | March 15, 2010

On Glenn Beck

Glenn. Beck. Is. An. Idiot.

Seriously. He’s kicked up dust before, but now it’s personal: telling people to leave their churches if they see or hear the terms “social justice” or “economic justice” talked about on their churches’ websites, linking social justice and communism.

First of all, I have to rant a little bit, so if my language goes to you-know-where in a handbasket, I beg your forgiveness.

Commencing rant:

What the HELL is so “communist” about feeding the homeless, helping victims of abusive relationships find jobs/shelter/transportation so they have means to get out of those situations, or rebuilding homes for those who have lost them due to natural disaster? Who the hell does this know-nothing windbag think he is, insulting basically all except for a tiny lunatic fringe of Christianity? And now he’s been backtracking, softening his message, trying to deny that he ever said it. Well, he said it, and my first reaction was, “Oh no, you *&#$ing didn’t! And how is it that now you’re going to take the chicken’s way out of “softening” it, even though you know that your words managed to piss off most reasonably thinking Christians who have even a smidgin of understaning of the Scripture, enough to know how to call your BS?”

Rant concluded. I fear I may have said too much.

So let’s let the Bible speak for itself. Check Isaiah 58, Michah 6:7-8, and Amos 5:22-23, among others. Nose over to Matthew 25:31-46, and Luke 4:14-19. These are just the obvious ones; I could probably throw Scriptures all night if I felt like it, but I won’t. Not because I don’t feel like it, but because I don’t want to belabor the point.

Further, working for justice is a key component of evangelism. Of what use is a sermon to someone who’s starving to death? That person has 2 needs to be met: physical and spiritual. To attend to his or her spiritual need without feeding him or her is just as dangerous as feeding him or her without being a living (and speaking, when necessary) example of the Gospel, one that God might use to bring that person closer to Himself. If we fail to work for justice, I would argue that our gospel falls flat, and we’re in danger of telling people that their lives on earth don’t matter, that all that matters is whether or not they’re going to Heaven. That reductio ad absurdum of the Gospel, is, I don’t think what Jesus intended. Let’s just hope that Glenn Beck gets that sometime soon.



  1. And he is still an idiot. 😉

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